Fear City NFT Minting Site

NFT Minting website for Grand Theft Auto artist Stephen Bliss, which handled ~$300k in revenue in under 24 hours.

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Last updated: Thu Dec 29 2022

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Minting site for sold out NFT Project Fear City by Stephen Bliss. This mint brought in over ~$300k in revenue. This site was built in NextJS and deployed on AWS amplify.

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Features Implemented

  • Minting
  • Wallet connection via Rainbow Kit
  • Dutch Auction Countdown
  • Phase switching
  • Merkle proof whitelist check API
  • Responsive for all screen sizes

Key Challenges & Learnings

  • It’s scary to need to guarantee the ability for thousands of people to come to the site and mint at one time.
  • I learned how to load test a site with Artillery
  • Most of the features implemented in this project were new to me, as this was the first minting site I had ever built.


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Notion page image